ZAYN - "Windowsill" feat. Devlin (Comic 9)

'Calamity'- A Comic Book Inspired By 'Nobody Is Listening' - Part 4
ZAYN // Nobody Is Listening // The New Album
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Writer/ Director: Noah Sterling @noahsterling42
Production Company: dreambear @drmbear
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  1. Феруза Хамидова

    Феруза ХамидоваUur geleden

    zayn is cool,

  2. Laughing Jay

    Laughing Jay6 uur geleden

    Yes You Got This Zayn! Defeat the negativity⚔️

  3. Laxmi Kashyap

    Laxmi KashyapDag geleden

    All the directioners plz come to drag me down MV there are some projects you should know if you don't know plz it's my heartly request ❤️

  4. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana Cardinali3 dagen geleden

    Zayn Malik my heart l love you l am fan of you 💋💋💋😉

  5. Harshal Verma

    Harshal Verma5 dagen geleden

    'But with the beast inside, there's nowhere we can hide No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed'

  6. asma bukhari

    asma bukhari7 dagen geleden

    In love with his songs❤️


    MELANIE VARGAS9 dagen geleden

    Amoo el album, siento que es tan como para estar tranquilx en tu cama solo escuchando la maravillosa voz da Zayn

  8. cerealized

    cerealized9 dagen geleden

    0:45 intentions

  9. Khizar Pasha

    Khizar Pasha10 dagen geleden

    Love! x you zayn 🍕

  10. lucia Schamne

    lucia Schamne10 dagen geleden

    you are amazing

  11. G-SKY FF

    G-SKY FF11 dagen geleden


  12. Adel Elsheshtawy

    Adel Elsheshtawy14 dagen geleden

    ZAYN please do a cover for "RUSSELL! - FMU (Official Music Video)" your voice fonna fits in it really well..actually your voice fits in everything ❤❤

  13. Mohd Sami

    Mohd Sami14 dagen geleden

    Everybody willl listen

  14. Mohd Sami

    Mohd Sami14 dagen geleden

    Make a Collab bro


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY17 dagen geleden

    Last days of march


    HELIOS YT18 dagen geleden

    Zayn 😣 is ❤️🔥

  17. Bangit kc

    Bangit kc19 dagen geleden

    he just fucking stole our heart.......

  18. Denisha

    Denisha19 dagen geleden

    My fav song on the album 😍

  19. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana Cardinali25 dagen geleden

    l love my life becouse my life is you Zayn Malik 😄💞😘😏

  20. Aamna ahmed

    Aamna ahmed26 dagen geleden

    this comic edition with zayns voice is best shit everrr bruhh...

  21. Selena Jelena

    Selena Jelena26 dagen geleden

    OMG! His voice is killable🥴.

  22. Emilia Ayu Setianingsih

    Emilia Ayu Setianingsih27 dagen geleden

    zayn babaaa 💎

  23. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana Cardinali28 dagen geleden

    Hi Zayn Malik 😏

  24. Hale

    Hale28 dagen geleden

    Who's been a fan of Devlin since "runaway"...?

  25. سارا ساجدی

    سارا ساجدی28 dagen geleden

    zayn ❤😍


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY29 dagen geleden

    Good morning guys happy Tuesday

  27. Jae Roxanne Mendiola

    Jae Roxanne MendiolaMaand geleden

    i hope zayn would have all the fun in life and be truly happy someday. Love you king 👑

  28. Roshni Walia 2133

    Roshni Walia 2133Maand geleden

    Ahhhhh amazingggg

  29. حلما رشیدی

    حلما رشیدیMaand geleden

    I still listening:) Love you :))) Don't be sad for grammar We are here And we are your family 4 ever

  30. Chanchal Kumari

    Chanchal KumariMaand geleden

    Vas happening!!!!!!

  31. Fabricio Castro

    Fabricio CastroMaand geleden

    Reizinho Zayn Malik 👑

  32. Irmak Oharoğlu

    Irmak OharoğluMaand geleden


  33. Irmak Oharoğlu

    Irmak OharoğluMaand geleden


  34. Irmak Oharoğlu

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  35. Irmak Oharoğlu

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  36. Irmak Oharoğlu

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  37. Irmak Oharoğlu

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  42. Irmak Oharoğlu

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  46. Irmak Oharoğlu

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  47. Irmak Oharoğlu

    Irmak OharoğluMaand geleden


  48. Irmak Oharoğlu

    Irmak OharoğluMaand geleden

    Love you zaynnnnn🖤🖤🖤🖤

  49. shamilaaa `

    shamilaaa `Maand geleden



    GOLDEN ツ BETTERMaand geleden

    please he is fighting his other half-

  51. Juan Gtz

    Juan GtzMaand geleden

    amo estos comics lo digo por milésima vez

  52. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana CardinaliMaand geleden

    Zayn Malik 😘🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  53. Daniela Martín

    Daniela MartínMaand geleden

    Este disco se merece todos los Grammy y no me digan q no!!!

  54. Daniela Martín

    Daniela MartínMaand geleden

    Esa voz por el amor de Jesús 🥰😍

  55. Daniela Martín

    Daniela MartínMaand geleden

    No me anduvo bien el wifi x una semana asiq recien ahora me pongo al corriente!!! 🥰

  56. Camila Villagra

    Camila VillagraMaand geleden


  57. M InZi

    M InZiMaand geleden

    Zayn : nobody is listening Others: Everyone is listening

  58. Keti Keti

    Keti KetiMaand geleden


  59. Z4p Yooh

    Z4p YoohMaand geleden

    Imagine getting heart from zayn

  60. Carla Tarrés Merino

    Carla Tarrés MerinoMaand geleden

    Zayn, I love u so much

  61. S Ss

    S SsMaand geleden

    I love you zayn but do you love me💕❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  62. Olenka Inocente

    Olenka InocenteMaand geleden


  63. Hilal Sir Zoology Classes

    Hilal Sir Zoology ClassesMaand geleden

    dislikers are fans of fool bts

  64. Weekndclan7

    Weekndclan7Maand geleden

    Great song, but such an unnecessary feature lol its like he just threw an old friend a bone.

  65. Priyanshu xx

    Priyanshu xxMaand geleden Slowed version

  66. Ahmad Nawaz

    Ahmad NawazMaand geleden

    Every song has a different vibe and flow that's what i call talent

  67. ZeHrA

    ZeHrAMaand geleden


  68. SaveThe Soul

    SaveThe SoulMaand geleden

    Z voice is best voice in the world

  69. salmaa

    salmaaMaand geleden

    te adoro

  70. charles s. sturdivant

    charles s. sturdivantMaand geleden

    Nice. 🎶

  71. asmaa

    asmaaMaand geleden

    how can someone have such an angelic voice..

  72. Tay Keith

    Tay KeithMaand geleden

    Go and ask your mum!

  73. Nataliahh x

    Nataliahh xMaand geleden


  74. Nohemy Dubon

    Nohemy DubonMaand geleden

    😍 ❤️

  75. Prasha Verma

    Prasha VermaMaand geleden

    Zayn's vibes

  76. Pratiksha

    PratikshaMaand geleden

    Lately my jam 👀

  77. Ashish Kandel

    Ashish KandelMaand geleden

    Love from Nepal 🇳🇵 Boy ❤️❤️

  78. mrs anika

    mrs anikaMaand geleden

    love you suger bae zayn

  79. Larry Stylinson 28

    Larry Stylinson 28Maand geleden

    why did I get a notification 3 days later ahhh

  80. H I

    H IMaand geleden

    Amazayn 💥

  81. Krista Mathew

    Krista MathewMaand geleden

    OHH the fight sceneee

  82. Valeria Cassioli

    Valeria CassioliMaand geleden

    love this!

  83. Maria Mancilla

    Maria MancillaMaand geleden

    just had a heart attack. thanks zayn 😊

  84. Nu-Unique Choice

    Nu-Unique ChoiceMaand geleden


  85. Hanady. x

    Hanady. xMaand geleden

    Very beautiful


    NOURLYAKIN FBAMaand geleden

    I LOVE this song and i love you zayn 🔥🔥💪💪

  87. Just Andy G

    Just Andy GMaand geleden

    Zayn darling lets talk about 'Sweat' do you know that its the hottest song in this album, my fav though is Outside cause its like the first time you being open 😉, and true to your feelings, i like this Zayn on this album more, and i want him to keep it up, One day maybe after Mrs Corona decides to leave the world he will find courage to sing without any fear or doubt infront of thousands of strangers, i want him to enjoy each and every moment, Babes to hell with anxiety you got this,that gift you have cant be wasted nothing should be holding you back, so what do you say think about Touring and doing what you love MUSIC ❤


    GIGI_SOLITTYMaand geleden

    Whoever disliked the video I wanna talk...

  89. Lona Sk

    Lona SkMaand geleden

    Subscribe to 32aam channel

  90. one Directio

    one DirectioMaand geleden


  91. Dikshita Singh

    Dikshita SinghMaand geleden



    AW DIRECTIONMaand geleden


  93. delfina romero

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  94. Aryan Sharma

    Aryan SharmaMaand geleden

    You are OSM

  95. w.d.d. dissanayake

    w.d.d. dissanayakeMaand geleden

    Zaddy z proud of you Z

  96. Harshita Srivastava

    Harshita SrivastavaMaand geleden

    Wow I'm loving this song

  97. Replica VEVO

    Replica VEVOMaand geleden

    Now days his every lyrics sorrounds fking this fking that lol

  98. Mikhail Diedericks

    Mikhail DiedericksMaand geleden

    Zayn's part? Chefs kiss The rapper? Gotta go

  99. Lemlung Mossang

    Lemlung MossangMaand geleden

    Zayn... Voice 😍

  100. Me here

    Me hereMaand geleden

    Guys... Something is happening behind the cameras, these comics are supposed to be msgs and I have a bad feeling about them, but happy that he is saying these out...

  101. Hadis 2882

    Hadis 2882Maand geleden

    Love you