ZAYN - "Unf**kwitable" (Comic 8)

'Calamity'- A Comic Book Inspired By 'Nobody Is Listening' - Part 4
ZAYN // Nobody Is Listening // The New Album
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Writer/ Director: Noah Sterling @noahsterling42
Production Company: dreambear @drmbear
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  1. González Rodriguez Maria Isabel

    González Rodriguez Maria Isabel2 dagen geleden


  2. Ferdoushi Jahan

    Ferdoushi Jahan6 dagen geleden

    Ohh goddd... I'm just so in love with these comics...⚡

  3. asma bukhari

    asma bukhari7 dagen geleden


  4. Carina

    Carina7 dagen geleden

    So what is he really singing about? 🎼"I'm just unfuckwitable In a world of my own That's why my shoulder's so cold I'm unfuckwitable" 🎶 I'm unreachable, I'm living in my bubble, in my own world. That's why I'm giving people 'the cold shoulder' = being rejectiv or deliberately unfriendly towards others. There're many people in the industry that seems to be your friend but it's often a fake fasade. He's even pointing out his public love as fake! Without naming names.... I haven't got time for fake friends or love, I have found a better, true love, and friends, he says. I only need myself, to get inspired. I don't care about you, I'll be fine. "All I want is to feel at home, with you my love I know my worth, I deserve a better life Don't listen to the lies from the media and what others tell you No one can fuck with me They (management) didn't think I would do it But look at me now, I'm doing it! They thought he'd be laying low and don't act "I can do miracles - turn water to wine Noone though I would" This is also an important song with a strong message to us listeners. Let's stream the song! ❤️

  5. marcos LT

    marcos LT7 dagen geleden

    My kings notes are higher than bob marley😍

  6. manu gonzález

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  7. Manu Gonzalez

    Manu Gonzalez8 dagen geleden

    love u dud

  8. G-SKY FF

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  9. Adel Elsheshtawy

    Adel Elsheshtawy14 dagen geleden

    ZAYN please do a cover for "RUSSELL! - FMU (Official Music Video)" your voice fonna fits in it really well..actually your voice fits in everything ❤❤

  10. nehway

    nehway18 dagen geleden

    Came for the comic STAYED FOR THAT GROOVE. DAMN

  11. Ivette Chila

    Ivette Chila18 dagen geleden

    mi corazón se siente en paz con esto🛐💌💖✨🌥️

  12. nor azirah amir

    nor azirah amir18 dagen geleden

    love this piece

  13. -Juli- v- bot-

    -Juli- v- bot-18 dagen geleden

    Flaco todo lo que haces es arte

  14. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana Cardinali19 dagen geleden

    Zayn Malik my love my heart l love you😏💋😁😇💞

  15. Lisa Hamvik

    Lisa Hamvik24 dagen geleden

    zayn: i'm not sure what you're going through. but you're obviously trying to tell us. and you should know that that is so fucking brave of you. and you're so fucking independent and inspirational. and we love you for it. keep up the good work. it's worth it in the end, i promise

  16. marcos LT

    marcos LT7 dagen geleden

    Much love to you random person on the internet couse many people assume that zayns life is perfect

  17. Emilia Ayu Setianingsih

    Emilia Ayu Setianingsih27 dagen geleden

    zayn babaaa 💎

  18. S T

    S T27 dagen geleden

    Is unfuckwitable even a word or am i just dumb?

  19. ketan saraf

    ketan saraf24 dagen geleden

    I also don't know😹 but it feels good to listen it 🤭

  20. Livier gamez

    Livier gamez29 dagen geleden

    I love you Zayn (。♡‿♡。)

  21. Zoe Alexa De Guzman

    Zoe Alexa De Guzman29 dagen geleden

    i love this song and his album this year

  22. Paula Del Rey

    Paula Del ReyMaand geleden

    algo mejor q este hombre hermoso? 😭😭😭❤️

  23. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana CardinaliMaand geleden

    Zayn Malik 💞😉💋 my Cat

  24. shamilaaa `

    shamilaaa `Maand geleden


  25. Nadeysha Hernandez

    Nadeysha HernandezMaand geleden

    This álbum is art

  26. fuck you bitch

    fuck you bitchMaand geleden

    So obsessed with u zayn

  27. Camila Villagra

    Camila VillagraMaand geleden


  28. Océane

    OcéaneMaand geleden

    The only comic I will read 😌

  29. Cousins Films

    Cousins FilmsMaand geleden

    Who else think he fine

  30. Jacqueline Del Campo

    Jacqueline Del CampoMaand geleden

    Zayn merece todoooo lo mejor te amo Zayn ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Raizel Ieisha Y. YOUNG, 杨丽馨

    Raizel Ieisha Y. YOUNG, 杨丽馨Maand geleden

    Ok but the title is kinda offensive but no offense i still love him 💕


    NOURLYAKIN FBAMaand geleden


  33. اعجاز

    اعجازMaand geleden

    King Zayn Malik

  34. w.d.d. dissanayake

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  35. Monica Zhou

    Monica ZhouMaand geleden

    Can't explain how much I love this song wtf

  36. As Aparências Enganam

    As Aparências EnganamMaand geleden

    Adorável canção!❤❤

  37. As Aparências Enganam

    As Aparências EnganamMaand geleden

    Adorável canção!❤❤

  38. Fahad Shakeel

    Fahad ShakeelMaand geleden

    I love how the song title totally goes for the title of the comic! The story is now really getting interesting :D :D

  39. Milagros Damilano

    Milagros DamilanoMaand geleden

    I love you more than anything 😍😍😍😍😭❤️

  40. Mehaque Khanum

    Mehaque KhanumMaand geleden


  41. Iza Berlanga

    Iza BerlangaMaand geleden

    I love this song because I can relate to it so well. Also thank you Zayn for these beautiful comics. 😊

  42. zosia k.

    zosia k.Maand geleden

    so zayn just normally keeps the katana in a trunk?? seems like something i would do, so

  43. Fatima Shezad

    Fatima ShezadMaand geleden

    Zayn is love, his content is always a masterpiece. That's what makes him distinct every time❤️

  44. Mithu Sharma

    Mithu SharmaMaand geleden

    lovely song❤❤

  45. Farin Rahman

    Farin RahmanMaand geleden

    Zayn's each song is a Masterpiece..🥰

  46. Nej Vem

    Nej VemMaand geleden

    I am SO in love with you and your voice

  47. Nej Vem

    Nej VemMaand geleden

    I’m obsessed. I love you so much. You’re so amazing, you’re the best!!!!! YOUR VOICE IS SO PER-FECT JUST LIKE YOU!

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  50. Rose Ivy Calica

    Rose Ivy CalicaMaand geleden

    still waiting for Gigi's Unfuckwitable tiktok

  51. Cintia Pino de Friedrich

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    How can have somebody a so amazing and wonderful voice❤️😍🥺

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  56. Fikri Aura

    Fikri AuraMaand geleden

    Assalamualaikum from me

  57. yatharth sharma

    yatharth sharmaMaand geleden

    Dude... Just release the next comic already plz... These all songs are epics... 🔥🔥

  58. Jolie Aida Said

    Jolie Aida SaidMaand geleden

    Mais ce que il dit

  59. Juan Gtz

    Juan GtzMaand geleden

    amo estos comics

  60. Juan Gtz

    Juan GtzMaand geleden

    love you zayn

  61. Juan Gtz

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    love you


    SAHIB SINGHMaand geleden


  63. Chronicle wonder

    Chronicle wonderMaand geleden

    Is this bringing you closer to Allah ?

  64. Zaraiyra

    ZaraiyraMaand geleden

    The way he bring me into this song is soooo good!

  65. Arwaz Khan

    Arwaz KhanMaand geleden

    ZAYN= 🌎

  66. Aryana Radmehr

    Aryana RadmehrMaand geleden

    Hello, I am one of your fans in Iran 💛 You are the best, the loudest and the most stylish singer in the world 😍 Your voice calms me 🤤🖐🏻 I hope you always shine 💛 I love you 💛❤️

  67. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana CardinaliMaand geleden

    Zayn Malik I love you

  68. هايدى Haidy

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    حدا عربى هون😅😅☻ I 💝💝Love you zayn Malik

  69. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana CardinaliMaand geleden

    Zayn Malik you is beatifull 😄💞💋

  70. Mariana Cardinali

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    Zayn Malik you is perfect l love you😘💞💋😉😏

  71. jaycee

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    i love you zayn, u da badass!!!

  72. Its M Ali official

    Its M Ali officialMaand geleden


  73. Its M Ali official

    Its M Ali officialMaand geleden


  74. Its M Ali official

    Its M Ali officialMaand geleden


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    Heading to california in dallas now

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    Noice ☺️

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    I love you Zayn javadd Malik💛

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    Alguien no habla taca taca


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    Cant even tolerate his voice


    YELIN RAKHEMaand geleden

    I hate all of his songs now.

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    Love zayn

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    U r best zayn💚🍀❤❤


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    I also indian

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    This needs more appreciaton

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    How are you

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    Please reply long

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    cadê as brasileiras meu pai cadelinhas dessa perfeição??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    Is that even a. Word?

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    i love

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    Love from India 🇮🇳♥️

  94. Kasia Syrek

    Kasia SyrekMaand geleden

    Zayn, is it true that you will be playing a duet with Charlie Puth? or maybe you already have a song together? Would be great. I love your music and Charlie's music so it would be great if you guys had a song together and shared it with your fans ♥ ️

  95. Indo Nejak

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    he is still the most handsome

  97. Divyali Meshram

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    I want zayn back as he was in live while we're young 🌟⭐🌟

  98. Hells Angel

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    Windowsill Tightrope River Road. Then we'll see if assumptions are true or not.

  99. Mia Lopez

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    So tired of fake friends and fake love

  100. Zoester xarch

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    I just want to say this song is masterpiece and Love you Zayn

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    It'a perfect🤍

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    Zayn Malik big fans

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    Zayn malik❤❤

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    he left the band but not our hearts we always support you zaddy