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  1. ghazal kharoub

    ghazal kharoub6 minuten geleden


  2. Gab Laluan

    Gab Laluan6 uur geleden

    2021? anyone?

  3. Jacqueline Garcia

    Jacqueline Garcia11 uur geleden

    I never understand exactly the words he truly is saying cause he’s British 😂

  4. Bronwyn

    Bronwyn15 uur geleden

    This is so underrated

  5. Paya Sandali

    Paya SandaliDag geleden

    Dear Zayn, Ur purest heart deserve all u want.Stay happy and healthy.

  6. Sarah

    SarahDag geleden

    This song makes me want to tell my teacher to leave the class

  7. Sarah

    SarahDag geleden

    This song makes my homework want to finish me

  8. Rawan Ali

    Rawan Ali2 dagen geleden

    He is the best Literally.... I want to see him in marvel so freakin badd

  9. Rawan Ali

    Rawan Ali2 dagen geleden

    He works so hard... But still underrated

  10. Darkwing Duck

    Darkwing Duck3 dagen geleden

    Smells like sweet gasolin ;-)

  11. Anahi Guerra

    Anahi Guerra4 dagen geleden

    Zayn i love u

  12. Juan Rodríguez

    Juan Rodríguez4 dagen geleden

    Me gusta más la de natanael cano

  13. Claycold Vibes

    Claycold Vibes7 dagen geleden

    came to hear sour diesel , listening to lovely by justin beiber

  14. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney7 dagen geleden


  15. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney7 dagen geleden

    Great song

  16. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney7 dagen geleden

    King of vocals

  17. Andre Anacleto

    Andre Anacleto7 dagen geleden


  18. Finja Dolina

    Finja Dolina8 dagen geleden

    U N D E R R A T E D

  19. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney8 dagen geleden

    Stream Nobody Is Listening

  20. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney8 dagen geleden

    King 👑

  21. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney8 dagen geleden

    Deserved 1B views

  22. W-316 Ibay, Cheska Rianne

    W-316 Ibay, Cheska Rianne9 dagen geleden


  23. chelsy cueva

    chelsy cueva9 dagen geleden

    holy shit

  24. riverroad

    riverroad10 dagen geleden

    This sounded ridiculous but I really wanted to scream when they started hitting him.

  25. seaburgler

    seaburgler10 dagen geleden

    Hey this is redmans song not this gurka

  26. Smiley Ashiya

    Smiley Ashiya11 dagen geleden

    The woman who comes and saves him looks like gigihadid😧

  27. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney13 dagen geleden

    So good

  28. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney13 dagen geleden

    Deserved better

  29. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney13 dagen geleden


  30. Bode giming

    Bode giming14 dagen geleden

    افضل مغني في العالم

  31. Alisha

    Alisha14 dagen geleden


  32. Laiba Tariq

    Laiba Tariq14 dagen geleden

    Only 5.6m views ??? Seriously??

  33. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney13 dagen geleden

    @Laiba Tariq yes its so underrated

  34. Laiba Tariq

    Laiba Tariq13 dagen geleden

    @Mar Kinney I knowww but it's been a while it deserves so much more:((

  35. Mar Kinney

    Mar Kinney13 dagen geleden

    They first released it on Apple Music only

  36. Voice of the Voiceless

    Voice of the Voiceless15 dagen geleden

    Icarus Falls was way too ahead of its time but Icarus Falls is definitely a cult

  37. black swaan

    black swaan15 dagen geleden

    This is underrated as fuck

  38. asokasnips

    asokasnips15 dagen geleden

    Love it! Zayn looks great on the screen as an actor! I was huge Michael Jackson's fan back in '90, so the first time a heard this beat, the guitar, even the video,... I was there...remembering Smooth Criminal or Billie Jean. What do you think, guys?

  39. Red Dwarf

    Red Dwarf15 dagen geleden

    The fact this has only 5M views doesn't sit right with me ,I mean I don't think all zquads see this

  40. Megmue S

    Megmue S18 dagen geleden

    AMAZAYN 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶

  41. Megmue S

    Megmue S18 dagen geleden

    🎸 ☠️😭😍😍

  42. Megmue S

    Megmue S18 dagen geleden


  43. Lost N

    Lost N18 dagen geleden

    Rock genre song. Only Zayn can rock any type of music with his amazing voice

  44. Lost N

    Lost N18 dagen geleden

    This pure art

  45. Hasina Khatun

    Hasina Khatun19 dagen geleden


  46. R M

    R M19 dagen geleden

    *deep breath* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH *falls over backwards blue in the face from lack of air*

  47. Mia Paula Jaime Alva

    Mia Paula Jaime Alva19 dagen geleden

    Te la rifaste flaco

  48. sar

    sar22 dagen geleden

    1:59 classic zayn for ya!


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY22 dagen geleden

    My gorgeous man

  50. Maria Tomlinson

    Maria Tomlinson22 dagen geleden

    reminder: numbers≠talent

  51. Maria Tomlinson

    Maria Tomlinson22 dagen geleden


  52. Maria Tomlinson

    Maria Tomlinson22 dagen geleden

    zayn i love u 😩

  53. Maria Tomlinson

    Maria Tomlinson22 dagen geleden

    i literally love zayn’s music videos, they’re so amazing and creative

  54. Samarth

    Samarth22 dagen geleden

    Did no one see he copied Jason todd

  55. shawty bae

    shawty bae23 dagen geleden

    This is not appreciated enough

  56. Let's Drive

    Let's Drive23 dagen geleden

    Why had I not seen this!? I shot about 90%off this!. Came out great!!

  57. Hodan Hassan

    Hodan Hassan23 dagen geleden

    Okay first of all I love this 5 minutes movie and second of all of course they should put this at the background of a movie. I love this song as much I love Zayn💙

  58. S Y

    S Y24 dagen geleden

    I wanna know the Inspiration behind this Music Video. Because Zayn & that Model look similar to Hrithik & Aishwarya's thief get up from Movie Dhoom 2 😁

  59. S Y

    S Y24 dagen geleden

    Why does this only has 5 million views? So much Effort has been put in the Video! And even the Song is Good

  60. Vaishnavi Tiwari

    Vaishnavi Tiwari24 dagen geleden

    People who doesn't listen to Zayn they don't have taste , they need a corona test asap

  61. Priyanjali Banerjee

    Priyanjali Banerjee26 dagen geleden

    A lots of effort in music, production, music video 🔥🔥❤❤only zayn can rock any genre of music 🎶🎶true artist

  62. malibami

    malibami26 dagen geleden


  63. brendaflor23

    brendaflor2327 dagen geleden

    Zayn i miss your high pitch

  64. astrayn

    astrayn28 dagen geleden

    underrated as f**k.

  65. Vaishnavi Tiwari

    Vaishnavi Tiwari24 dagen geleden

    Ikr btw are you an aroha?

  66. Jack Williams

    Jack Williams29 dagen geleden

    So he portrays here a Robin ?

  67. ZAYN 73

    ZAYN 7329 dagen geleden

    اهههه زادي وربي

  68. Noha Latrash

    Noha LatrashMaand geleden

    Why the video only has 5,6 million views only wtf

  69. ENter TaiNeR

    ENter TaiNeRMaand geleden

    No one knows this song have a MV

  70. Mariana Cardinali

    Mariana CardinaliMaand geleden

    Zayn 💋💋💋😏

  71. ENter TaiNeR

    ENter TaiNeRMaand geleden

    I hate to say this but it's true that more then half of the zquads doesn't know that there is a mv for sour diesel and satisfaction.

  72. Sama Omer

    Sama OmerMaand geleden


  73. Renad

    RenadMaand geleden


  74. Renad

    RenadMaand geleden

    Why tf its just 5m ...

  75. Bye

    ByeMaand geleden

    What is happening to this world ,why only 5.6 million views.

  76. antavyaa thapa

    antavyaa thapaMaand geleden


  77. Nessa Pantin

    Nessa PantinMaand geleden


  78. Carlotta Golino

    Carlotta GolinoMaand geleden

    i need zayn in an action movie

  79. Blackterry Play

    Blackterry PlayMaand geleden

    March 2021???

  80. Negarã

    NegarãMaand geleden

    You're Amazing man I'm so proud to support you

  81. Ziva Frigelj

    Ziva FrigeljMaand geleden

    2021 someone?

  82. Afifah Sheikh

    Afifah SheikhMaand geleden

    2:00 these girls are lucky af

  83. Aleena Zulfiqar

    Aleena ZulfiqarMaand geleden

    Men 🤘🔥

  84. Galiana Lacabanne

    Galiana LacabanneMaand geleden

    2021 anyone?

  85. Michela Bruno

    Michela BrunoMaand geleden

    i just love him

  86. Leti Jal

    Leti JalMaand geleden

    i love you zayn

  87. honeyvbun

    honeyvbunMaand geleden

    Seeing zayn as an underrated artist makes me so sad, he's better than most of the artists today, and I really want him to be appreciated.

  88. charles s. sturdivant

    charles s. sturdivantMaand geleden

    I like this Vid.

  89. Sahil Nautiyal

    Sahil NautiyalMaand geleden

    Zayn bhai diesel matt bola karo takleef hoti hai jab se price badha hai 😂😂

  90. Harsh More

    Harsh MoreMaand geleden

    He can be a best actor in Hollywood 😉

  91. nj_sidee

    nj_sideeMaand geleden

    4:18 gets me everytime🥲

  92. Craft Build Create

    Craft Build CreateMaand geleden

    damn, the bed scene tho

  93. Sümeyye Doğanay

    Sümeyye DoğanayMaand geleden

    ya bu çocuk nasıl değer görmez çıldırmalık

  94. C Jeewa

    C JeewaMaand geleden


  95. ɛʟɛռa

    ɛʟɛռaMaand geleden

    Imagine liam as your father and Zayn as your mother :")))))))))


    LIPIKA SARKARMaand geleden

    My favourite super hero is Zayn

  97. Samuel Jensen

    Samuel JensenMaand geleden

    01:06 Zayn's fight club

  98. Joelina 91

    Joelina 91Maand geleden

    I‘m obsessed with this song 😍

  99. rmttdwd, right?

    rmttdwd, right?Maand geleden

    Marvel hire him DC hire him, oo put Zayn in with Deadpool, hey Ryan what do you think?

  100. rmttdwd, right?

    rmttdwd, right?Maand geleden

    I think James, I mean Bond, no I MEAN Zayn's going for a s=certain theme in most of his videos.

  101. Giovanna Pereira

    Giovanna PereiraMaand geleden

    And the king gives us everything

  102. sic mundus creatus est

    sic mundus creatus estMaand geleden

    use headphones

  103. Kensina Pertin

    Kensina PertinMaand geleden

    Who is here in 2021??

  104. random name

    random nameMaand geleden

    We don't deserve this mv Only 5.5 mil for this

  105. Zquad Direction

    Zquad DirectionMaand geleden

    Zayn deserves more recognition