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  1. pantufla con salmon

    pantufla con salmon52 minuten geleden

    que tenes con las mayusculas? xd

  2. Yvonne queen

    Yvonne queenDag geleden

    I'm hungry and the screen kinda looks like chocolate😋

  3. makeupbymannna minahil

    makeupbymannna minahil3 dagen geleden

    My fav song❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Mela

    Mela3 dagen geleden

    He loves you babe

  5. LyRiCaL Candy Station

    LyRiCaL Candy Station7 dagen geleden

  6. Skylar Ya

    Skylar Ya9 dagen geleden




    Hit :(

  8. avantika

    avantika13 dagen geleden

    I was never a directioner..I guess I was too old ..but now I can't stop listening to them. More I listen to Zayn and Harry's songs and lyrics, it feels like they write just for and about each other. If it's true, I hope they reconcile and be happy. Life is too short anyways.

  9. 17black

    17black3 dagen geleden

    yes they clearly love and miss each other but are too afraid to confess

  10. jai hind

    jai hind20 dagen geleden

    Don't worry we love you

  11. Krizelle Anne Rigor

    Krizelle Anne Rigor21 dag geleden


  12. Sadhana Acharya

    Sadhana Acharya21 dag geleden

    I loveeeeee thisssss songgg so muchhhh

  13. The Friday

    The Friday22 dagen geleden

    It's all for the broken hearts. No offence!

  14. Sarosh Naveed

    Sarosh Naveed26 dagen geleden

    Me: Zayn, with she you use 'doesn't' Zayn: *looks up with sexy eyes* *smiles* Me: thinking: "Oh I am gonna die" After a moment. Zayn: What did you say? Me: The Album is a masterpiece

  15. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskey28 dagen geleden

    Amazing song rock 😎



    My precious king

  17. Gamze Polat

    Gamze PolatMaand geleden

    very beautiful song may be true

  18. Gamze Polat

    Gamze PolatMaand geleden


  19. richrackzz49

    richrackzz49Maand geleden


  20. Sakib Ali

    Sakib AliMaand geleden

    This song sounds so nostalgic

  21. Rehma Mehmood

    Rehma MehmoodMaand geleden

    its bout perrie

  22. 17black

    17black3 dagen geleden

    no it cant be about perrie because this is a love song and zayn didnt love her..if he did why would he break up

  23. Plume de Glace

    Plume de GlaceMaand geleden

    This whole album really takes you to extraordinary places anymore, I'm finishing it and let me tell you I don't feel real anymore

  24. Rehma Mehmood

    Rehma MehmoodMaand geleden

    yeap it is masterpiece

  25. Miraç Akardeniz

    Miraç AkardenizMaand geleden

    1 - Zayn ~ Let Me 2 - Zayn ~ Better 3 - Zayn ~ Sour Diesel 4 - Zayn ~ iT's YoU 5 - Zayn ~ BeFoUr 6 - Zayn ~ Lıke I Would 7 - Zayn ~ sHe 8 - Zayn ~ dRuNk 9 - Zayn ~ wRoNg Ft. Kehlani 10 - Zayn ~ SHE DON'T LOVE ME

  26. trying my best

    trying my bestMaand geleden

    this album is still gold

  27. Rahul Menon

    Rahul MenonMaand geleden

    Such a beautiful song i still vibe too

  28. Yuliana

    YulianaMaand geleden

    2020 🔥🙌🏻🤏🏻😎💘

  29. Asingphi Longleng

    Asingphi LonglengMaand geleden

    Zayn mumbling "with your sexy Ass dress" makes me feel like a sexy woman

  30. Rehma Mehmood

    Rehma MehmoodMaand geleden


  31. Asingphi Longleng

    Asingphi LonglengMaand geleden

    1:53 this moment can have me for the rest of my life

  32. Dayang Nur Aida Hamieza

    Dayang Nur Aida HamiezaMaand geleden

    He don't love me :(

  33. Susmita basu

    Susmita basuMaand geleden

    I can't even turn on the speaker for this song. Atleast when my father is at home.

  34. Lynn Ke

    Lynn KeMaand geleden

    Um...You guys do know this song is about cheating on his ex Perrie..?

  35. Ele

    EleMaand geleden

    Wonder where are all the zarries ahahah he sings ab high heels and sexy ass dress and y-all just disappeared all of a sudden ahahha. What happened ?can t explain why he sings ab fucking around and describes girl huh ?! She sings ab G and deal with it. Disrespectful bunch

  36. Leah Amber

    Leah AmberMaand geleden

    zayn is the most perfect person I have ever seen in my entire life.

  37. Tushar Kumar

    Tushar KumarMaand geleden

    Feel so bad for this guy that he always make quality songs and songs with almost top content but still he is underrated

  38. Dilek Çelik

    Dilek ÇelikMaand geleden

    Same bro :(

  39. Aniii loves Zaynii 1D & Selena

    Aniii loves Zaynii 1D & Selena2 maanden geleden

    Stream BeTTeR

  40. Gensy Iced97

    Gensy Iced972 maanden geleden

    Watching this now and damn relating to this banger ✋🔥

  41. mok

    mok2 maanden geleden

    so fuckn good ✨✨✨

  42. Rhayssa Amorim

    Rhayssa Amorim2 maanden geleden

    Some years later, I discovery that is "fuck her right" not fuck around haha

  43. Rhayssa Amorim

    Rhayssa Amorim2 maanden geleden

    @emma sierra same thing with mind of mine, that is actually mind of mindd

  44. emma sierra

    emma sierra2 maanden geleden

    i discovered this last week lmfaooo

  45. sugar spice

    sugar spice2 maanden geleden

    He's always been legend hayssss

  46. Amanda Menezes

    Amanda Menezes2 maanden geleden

    girrllll all this years and i thought he was saying " thats why i f*ck aROUND not her riGHT

  47. A d

    A d2 maanden geleden

    Here after his new song!!

  48. Bill Ford

    Bill Ford2 maanden geleden

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful life partner.

  49. shaik s

    shaik s2 maanden geleden

    BABY GIRL❤️❤️❤️

  50. Elizabeth Garcia

    Elizabeth Garcia2 maanden geleden

    pls im in love

  51. Delfi Cabezas

    Delfi Cabezas2 maanden geleden

    everyone as a teacher in the comments correcting his grammar

  52. Pearl Ramirez

    Pearl Ramirez2 maanden geleden

    y’all commenting about the grammar, that’s how I usually speak wth 😭

  53. Amrha Ali

    Amrha Ali2 maanden geleden

    Who stupid is she.which dosn't love u Zayn..i love u infact every single prsn loves u

  54. High tech fun

    High tech fun2 maanden geleden

    September 2020?

  55. maya yeo

    maya yeo2 maanden geleden

    why is no one talking about the into to this song

  56. zaynnie

    zaynnie26 dagen geleden


  57. emma sierra

    emma sierra2 maanden geleden


  58. tessa 193

    tessa 1932 maanden geleden

    but we do love you zayn...

  59. martin 13

    martin 132 maanden geleden

    I thought it was "I think I know she don't love me, that's why I fuck around." I've been singing the wrong thing this whole time

  60. Obo David

    Obo David2 maanden geleden


  61. Obo David

    Obo David2 maanden geleden

    message him on WhatApp.

  62. Obo David

    Obo David2 maanden geleden

    I know a powerful man that can help you get your ex back he helped me too immediately without stress and delay

  63. chiara

    chiara2 maanden geleden


  64. chiara

    chiara2 maanden geleden


  65. Jethwani Muskan

    Jethwani Muskan2 maanden geleden

    Grammatical mistake it should be "She doesn't love me"

  66. Anali Azhdari

    Anali Azhdari3 maanden geleden

    I wanna zayn be my english teacher


    MON HEISS3 maanden geleden

    Those violins cello percussion guitars musical drama/are amazing!!

  68. hala

    hala3 maanden geleden

    he don't learn grammar 😂

  69. sunflower vol.6

    sunflower vol.63 maanden geleden

    'She don't love me' is a hood language y'all, stop acting like you invented grammar or something💚💛

  70. emma sierra

    emma sierra2 maanden geleden

    thanks, they’re so annoying 🙄

  71. Horyaa Albloushi

    Horyaa Albloushi2 maanden geleden


  72. Ambra V.

    Ambra V.2 maanden geleden

    Yeah no

  73. unknown 42

    unknown 423 maanden geleden

    Are you a zarry? My ppl.

  74. Ramzan Hussain

    Ramzan Hussain3 maanden geleden

    I thought it's fuck around lol

  75. Felipe Ribeiro

    Felipe Ribeiro3 maanden geleden

    Essa música é foda

  76. safiullah muhammad

    safiullah muhammad3 maanden geleden

    No one loves me

  77. N W A

    N W A3 maanden geleden

    I hope you see this name..

  78. Arcturus Vegason35

    Arcturus Vegason353 maanden geleden

    "I think I know she don't love me ... That's why I fk her right..." Zayn: *LIKE A BOSS

  79. Viviane Morais Campelo

    Viviane Morais Campelo3 maanden geleden

    Great Melodies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. m t

    m t3 maanden geleden


  81. Aso •• آسو

    Aso •• آسو3 maanden geleden

    guys would you take a look at my chanel plz 😊❤

  82. Idgafaa That’s it

    Idgafaa That’s it3 maanden geleden

    That beat tho,it goes directly into my veins💧

  83. nada salsabiila

    nada salsabiila3 maanden geleden

    Is this about sel? hm

  84. Nafiz sheikh Nafiz sheikh

    Nafiz sheikh Nafiz sheikh4 maanden geleden


  85. Nimain Charan Palai

    Nimain Charan Palai4 maanden geleden


  86. zain khan

    zain khan4 maanden geleden

    upcoming album?????????????????????????????

  87. ZAYN & 1D

    ZAYN & 1D3 maanden geleden

    Out of those 85 songs Almost 70 songs haven't got uploaded until now 🤷😭

  88. Prins dwunasty

    Prins dwunasty4 maanden geleden

    Yes,ZAyn is working on his third album!I read that on twitter :)

  89. HUZAFI Akhtar

    HUZAFI Akhtar4 maanden geleden

    i also need you zayn

  90. Aiz Dexelle Lacson

    Aiz Dexelle Lacson4 maanden geleden

    I can't believe he is going to be a father😭 and how beautiful/handsome his child would be

  91. Eqra Fatma-16

    Eqra Fatma-162 maanden geleden

    She is a beautiful girl🤩🤩❣️❣️

  92. Aiz Dexelle Lacson

    Aiz Dexelle Lacson4 maanden geleden

    Who's here in July 2020. Listening to his songs all day

  93. Feli Agbe

    Feli Agbe4 maanden geleden

    She don't love you, but we do

  94. M3HUL

    M3HUL4 maanden geleden

    Why the fuck everyone is talking about grammar here........his songs are emotions which are truely felt🙃

  95. Haren Bro

    Haren Bro4 maanden geleden

    Zayn is person Who have no secrets.He just let it out in his songs

  96. Darcie Kowis

    Darcie Kowis4 maanden geleden

    I just finished reacting to his mind of mine album for the first time right now and OMG HE IS AMAZAYN!!! DEFINITELY ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME BFFGSFSHDJGFHDJ OMG (sorry I’m just so mind blown)

  97. M.A Sayed

    M.A Sayed4 maanden geleden

  98. Darcie Kowis

    Darcie Kowis4 maanden geleden

    M.A Sayed: thanks for the suggestion I definitely will listen to that one too 😊

  99. M.A Sayed

    M.A Sayed4 maanden geleden

    You should also try icarus falls...its my fav too

  100. M.A Sayed

    M.A Sayed4 maanden geleden

    Thanks...welcome to the fav too...

  101. ICArus falls

    ICArus falls4 maanden geleden

    Fucks goin around with "Grammer" around here, this song is perfect Zenglish. Ps: Don't teach an English professor.

  102. God loves You

    God loves You4 maanden geleden

    Zayn: Wants to be an English teacher Also Zayn: Name his song *She don't love me*

  103. anxhelina cerpja

    anxhelina cerpja2 maanden geleden


  104. Althea sotto

    Althea sotto4 maanden geleden

    *Is the back round a hella smoke or a coffee beans*

  105. TB4

    TB42 maanden geleden

    its whatever you want it to be xD

  106. Deborah Deleeuw

    Deborah Deleeuw3 maanden geleden


  107. Minahil Mehmood Ali

    Minahil Mehmood Ali3 maanden geleden

    Coffee beans

  108. Althea sotto

    Althea sotto4 maanden geleden

    *yow zayn "i love you" ,we fuckin alll do*

  109. zqaud directioner

    zqaud directioner4 maanden geleden

    Don't love you are u kidding me....I you more than anyone

  110. DJ_Beat_Remix

    DJ_Beat_Remix4 maanden geleden

    6.9 milion views 😔💘

  111. Mmm

    Mmm4 maanden geleden

    it's she doesn't * Zayn....

  112. u_p3

    u_p34 maanden geleden

    Bruh i can relate to this so much rn I question myself all the time asking why... she never did love me....

  113. o o

    o o4 maanden geleden

    Zayn 💖💖💖💖💖

  114. Everyone’s Favorite Drunk Auntie Dimpl3z

    Everyone’s Favorite Drunk Auntie Dimpl3z4 maanden geleden

    Strength in numbers Forever Stan a 👑 Most of us do not use NLpush to listen to this gorgeous voice but that’s going to change we will stream on all platforms until you get the respect ✊🏾 you deserve .

  115. Tosca Rizky Yorifondha

    Tosca Rizky Yorifondha5 maanden geleden

    why he always sing a song about sex?

  116. Malicka Marombo

    Malicka Marombo4 maanden geleden

    He doesn't that's one of his 5 songs which contains mature contents he's not the only one...

  117. Gandhar Bakre

    Gandhar Bakre5 maanden geleden

    Why zayn's videos have less views just can't figure it out

  118. Elisa Elisa

    Elisa Elisa5 maanden geleden


  119. putri wudi

    putri wudi5 maanden geleden

    i dont know but the background looks like.. sperms

  120. M.A Sayed

    M.A Sayed4 maanden geleden


  121. tamara stylinpayhorlik

    tamara stylinpayhorlik5 maanden geleden

    he wrote it SHE DON'T LOVE ME cuz HE *(liam) loves him #ziam

  122. Five Directions

    Five Directions5 maanden geleden

    If zayn wants her then he wouldn’t have broken up w that little mix girl. This song is not about her

  123. Sol

    Sol5 maanden geleden

    ??????? Of course i love you dear

  124. Riham Awad

    Riham Awad5 maanden geleden

    If zayn says that "she don't" than she don't, and that's on being handsome. 😌💅

  125. Kai L

    Kai L5 maanden geleden

    She don’t love me ? She doesn’t love me.

  126. Hrishaant Rajish

    Hrishaant Rajish5 maanden geleden

    She doesn't love me doesn't sound good. She don't love me will sound better

  127. One Sassy Direction

    One Sassy Direction5 maanden geleden


  128. ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡғᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢᴛᴀʟᴋ

    ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡғᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢᴛᴀʟᴋ5 maanden geleden

    no gigi loves you


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY5 maanden geleden

    Your sexy voice is my life


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY5 maanden geleden

    I don't know but I love you !!