ZAYN - "Outside" (Comic 3)

'Calamity'- A Comic Book Inspired By 'Nobody Is Listening' - Part II
ZAYN // Nobody Is Listening // The New Album
Out Now!
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Writer/ Director: Noah Sterling @noahsterling42
Production Company: dreambear @drmbear
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Two wrongs make no right
When it’s left at least we tried
I’ll be back tonight
I’ll let you decide

To leave my life outside
Leave my life outside
Leave my life outside
Or let me in, or let me in

I know I'm always in my head
Some things they must be said
Hurts me when I think about it
Someone else being in your bed
I know I'm not so innocent
But the love I had for you was real
Hope it hurts you when you think about
But both of us just have to dip
T-shirt that you’re wearing, that’s my favorite
First time that I touched you, you could save it

Two wrongs make no right
When it’s left at least we tried
I’ll be back tonight
I’ll let you decide

To leave my life outside
Leave my life outside
Leave my life outside
Or let me in, or let me in

It wasn't all bad now was it
All the things that we been through
The way you snuck out of your parents’
Just me and you up on the roof
Didn't have much but ya we did it
Staring at the perfect view
Do I keep the dog or do you want him
When I look at him, think of you
The T-shirt that you’re wearing, that’s my favorite
Damn I really thought we’d make it

Two wrongs make no right
When it’s left at least we tried
I’ll be back tonight
I’ll let you decide

So leave my shit outside
Leave all my shit outside
Leave my life outside
Or let me in
#zayn #nobodyislistening #calamity



    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY3 dagen geleden

    It's amazayn

  2. Renz Tolorio Official

    Renz Tolorio Official5 dagen geleden

    Keep on listening to zayns songs 🎶

  3. Chisomo Mbewe

    Chisomo Mbewe8 dagen geleden

    My favorite song in the album :)

  4. vina aprilia

    vina aprilia11 dagen geleden

    angel's voice ever


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY11 dagen geleden

    My golden boy

  6. Adel Elsheshtawy

    Adel Elsheshtawy14 dagen geleden

    ZAYN please do a cover for "RUSSELL! - FMU (Official Music Video)" your voice fonna fits in it really well..actually your voice fits in everything ❤❤

  7. Vai Haonga

    Vai Haonga14 dagen geleden

    This the best song out of the. Album very sweet. Slow and perfectly organized to stay with your feelings for awhile

  8. Their Direction

    Their Direction15 dagen geleden

    Gosh the way his mind works is just beyond amazing, his songs, his content, his creativity, his mind, HIM - underrated asf and the world doesn't appreciate it nearly enough.

  9. G03- Antiporda, Erin

    G03- Antiporda, Erin15 dagen geleden

    i love you

  10. riverroad

    riverroad17 dagen geleden

    I swear the beginning of the song looks like Justin Bieber's baby intro.

  11. miaaa

    miaaa18 dagen geleden

    this man really trying to turn me into a zayn girl, i'm a harry girl but fuck might have to switch boys after this (i still love them all so much)


    PILLOWTALK ZAYNBERRY19 dagen geleden

    Always alone but is ok

  13. Sreejith G

    Sreejith G21 dag geleden

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  14. Lisa Hamvik

    Lisa Hamvik24 dagen geleden

    i love that we both get the music(which is absolutely amazing) and a full comic with it

  15. Wajiha Fairuz

    Wajiha Fairuz25 dagen geleden

    His voice is incredible awesome Love you zayn

  16. Masha Dzhos

    Masha Dzhos26 dagen geleden

    You know, in a conclusion people always will get what they deserved , always

  17. Emilia Ayu Setianingsih

    Emilia Ayu Setianingsih27 dagen geleden

    zayn babaaa💎

  18. Balloutajj

    Balloutajj29 dagen geleden

    What's the story behind this song?

  19. zayn Muhammad

    zayn Muhammad29 dagen geleden


  20. Danny Santwani

    Danny SantwaniMaand geleden

    Just imagine zayn doing live concerts..

  21. Usha Adhikari

    Usha AdhikariMaand geleden

    I love u zayn, always

  22. katherine swift

    katherine swiftMaand geleden

    i fucking love this song

  23. shamilaaa `

    shamilaaa `Maand geleden


  24. Fernanda Ferreira

    Fernanda FerreiraMaand geleden

    nobody: me: Oooor let meeeeeee

  25. 13. Ilham Firdaus Saputro

    13. Ilham Firdaus SaputroMaand geleden

    Aku disuruh ke sini sama Cece

  26. Captain Fitness

    Captain FitnessMaand geleden

    This shit really cut man 😭

  27. Rodche Domingo

    Rodche DomingoMaand geleden

    What's up with the same comments about the heart attack?

  28. Ahmad Nawaz

    Ahmad NawazMaand geleden

    Why is thus album so underrated

  29. Ahmad Nawaz

    Ahmad NawazMaand geleden

    Damn i can't imagine any other artist on his level

  30. Deepak Bhandari

    Deepak BhandariMaand geleden

    This one is ❤️

  31. Kinga Kaczyńska

    Kinga KaczyńskaMaand geleden

    that's so cool

  32. Valentinayfrancesca Brignolo

    Valentinayfrancesca BrignoloMaand geleden

    escucharlo con 🎧: es mi religión 🛐

  33. Mundo de Músicas

    Mundo de MúsicasMaand geleden

    voice like a angel

  34. ESDRAS Ramirez

    ESDRAS RamirezMaand geleden

    Best song 🔥💫

  35. Debora González

    Debora GonzálezMaand geleden

    Por qué no valoran esto???

  36. Shivam Ranabhat

    Shivam RanabhatMaand geleden

    this song deserves billions of views

  37. Lisiq

    LisiqMaand geleden

    I LOVE that art work

  38. The girls

    The girlsMaand geleden

    Why are you doing this to us?😭😱😘😘💕💋

  39. Timothy Byas

    Timothy ByasMaand geleden

    That's what I am the outsider

  40. Lovely Me

    Lovely MeMaand geleden

    I love you zayn ! You're the best !!! 🥰🥰🥰

  41. fidan alekberli

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  42. shanuka dissanayake

    shanuka dissanayakeMaand geleden

    ahh yyeee

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  44. Wuri Wulansari

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  45. July Sbrt

    July SbrtMaand geleden

    He has got a voice like an angel

  46. Koyabasi_X

    Koyabasi_XMaand geleden

    I likeeeeew

  47. Giselle Kim Canale

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  48. Trinity Brown

    Trinity BrownMaand geleden

    This my favorite song from the album and tightrope 😍😍

  49. Aidan Wm

    Aidan WmMaand geleden

    Man the world would break if him and Harry styles made a song together it would fucking break

  50. 1D is my life

    1D is my lifeMaand geleden

    Zayn is legit giving us content and people take it for granted and when he's not active everyone starts missing him LOGIC

  51. wiigi man

    wiigi manMaand geleden

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  54. Fabricio Castro

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    Brasil Marquem Presença ✍️

  55. Fabricio Castro

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  56. Abdullah

    AbdullahMaand geleden

    Zayn and Khalid need to Collab!!!

  57. Sparsh Thakur

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  58. 60minuteloop

    60minuteloopMaand geleden

    1 Hour Loop is uploaded enjoy ❤️🔥

  59. Rania

    RaniaMaand geleden

    Your voice is of an angels ❤️ this song is my fave 😘

  60. Xochitl Rubi D. Castillo

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    〔 Gʀᴜᴘᴏ ᴅᴇ ᴅɪɴᴀ́ᴍɪᴄᴀs. 🆔〕 Aʀᴇᴀ Dɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴇʀ. ╰─────── -ˏˋ🍒ˎˊ- ───────╯ ꒰🌻꒱ ¿Dᴇ ǫᴜᴇ́ ᴛʀᴀᴛᴀ? 🐾 Aquí hacemos pequeños juegos para divertirnos y entretenernos. uwu [🌎] Hay personas de varios países latinoamericanos con quienes puedes interactuar. ✿; ᴛᴇᴀᴍs ᴅɪsᴘᴏɴɪʙʟᴇs: ﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀ -❨ 🍓 ❩╯ Nɪᴀʟʟ. -❨ 🍇 ❩╯ Zᴀʏɴ. -❨ 🍉 ❩╯ Hᴀʀʀʏ. -❨ 🥭 ❩╯ Lɪᴀᴍ. -❨ 🥑 ❩╯ Lᴏᴜɪs. ¡Entra y no te quedes sin cupo!

  61. neneng osri

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  62. To będzie zdrowy pies

    To będzie zdrowy pies2 maanden geleden

    Hey if you’re reading this rememeber if you’re going through something rn i know you are strong enough to get through that bc if not you wouldn’t be put in this situation you are stronger than u think, i know it’s hard, you have every right to feel the way you do rn,we all feel pain, cry, experience bad things but its our choice to take lessons from whatever it is we’re going through, all of that is neccesery part of our lives, without it we wouldn’t be able to be happy, and it would be boring af, take your time, over time it will get better and you’ll be ready to move on, bc of that you will be getting stronger and stronger, thats just how life works, there are good and bad times, but i promise it is worth it, you are destined to do great things, i believe in you, remember you are loved, important, a beautiful and wonderful human being, im sending you all my love, thanks for taking the time to read this ily❤️

  63. Jishnu Deb

    Jishnu Deb2 maanden geleden

    Come on Harry let him in!

  64. Antonio Flores Hernández

    Antonio Flores Hernández2 maanden geleden

    Zayn malik X justin bieber

  65. MommyNeesh22

    MommyNeesh222 maanden geleden

    My 2nd fave from the album..💚

  66. Mind of Power & Love

    Mind of Power & Love2 maanden geleden

    This is my favorite song from NBL 😌 it’s just simple and emotional with great falsetto

  67. Ashish Kumar

    Ashish Kumar2 maanden geleden


  68. Kiana Dadfar

    Kiana Dadfar2 maanden geleden

    zizi, you are so clever and smart and talented...

  69. Eli

    Eli2 maanden geleden

    Your voice is so calming Zayn, no shit 😭 I love you so much

  70. Faisal kuchay

    Faisal kuchay2 maanden geleden


  71. alyyilagan

    alyyilagan2 maanden geleden

    Fave track on the album 🥺


    ITS MAGDALENAAA2 maanden geleden

    This is seriously the best song from Nobody Is Listening

  73. •Esmeralda Lizarraga•

    •Esmeralda Lizarraga•2 maanden geleden


  74. RaBi Bin KaFi

    RaBi Bin KaFi2 maanden geleden

    I'm just sleep on this album. Good night 💤💤

  75. Kathir

    Kathir2 maanden geleden

    Repeat mode 😍

  76. Cami R

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  77. Cami R

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  78. Cami R

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  79. Shreyas Rathod

    Shreyas Rathod2 maanden geleden

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    Anupama2 maanden geleden

    This is song is my favorite

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    jitul ray2 maanden geleden

    love from india brother big fan bro

  82. Krista Mathew

    Krista Mathew2 maanden geleden

    but these animationsss with the song are you kidding. ZAYNS MIND

  83. Haya abbas

    Haya abbas2 maanden geleden

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  84. Zquad Direction

    Zquad Direction2 maanden geleden

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  86. SMS serial information

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    Akanksha Yadav2 maanden geleden

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    Rehma Mehmood2 maanden geleden

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  96. Lea Nahle

    Lea Nahle2 maanden geleden

    Whoever hate on this guy are missing out a lot

  97. L E N S 3 Y E D

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  98. Death Noona

    Death Noona2 maanden geleden

    Zayn : nobody is listening Me: bruh I'm here with zaynister.


    SHAKTI KUMAR MAJHI2 maanden geleden

    Yo let's go

  100. Surjan Singh Shah

    Surjan Singh Shah2 maanden geleden

    Love from India . Your voice is most peaceful in the universe ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️