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ZAYN - "Sweat" (Comic 7)

ZAYN - "Sweat" (Comic 7)

2 maanden geleden

ZAYN - "Connexion" (Comic 5)
ZAYN - "Vibez" (Comic 4)

ZAYN - "Vibez" (Comic 4)

2 maanden geleden

ZAYN - "Outside" (Comic 3)
ZAYN - "Calamity" (Comic 1)
ZAYN - "Better" (Comic 2)

ZAYN - "Better" (Comic 2)

2 maanden geleden

ZAYN - Outside (Audio)

ZAYN - Outside (Audio)

3 maanden geleden

ZAYN - Calamity (Audio)

ZAYN - Calamity (Audio)

3 maanden geleden

ZAYN - Unfuckwitable (Audio)
ZAYN - Connexion (Audio)

ZAYN - Connexion (Audio)

3 maanden geleden

ZAYN - Sweat (Audio)

ZAYN - Sweat (Audio)

3 maanden geleden

ZAYN - Tightrope (Audio)

ZAYN - Tightrope (Audio)

3 maanden geleden

ZAYN - River Road (Audio)

ZAYN - River Road (Audio)

3 maanden geleden

ZAYN - Vibez (Official Video)
ZAYN - Better (Official Video)
ZAYN - Sour Diesel

ZAYN - Sour Diesel

Jaar geleden

ZAYN - If I Got You (Audio)
ZAYN - Insomnia (Audio)
ZAYN - All That (Audio)
  1. Lizzie Blom

    Lizzie Blom6 uur geleden

    one billionnn to the bitches in the house one billionnnnn

  2. Patricia Julian

    Patricia Julian6 uur geleden

    Who is coming from Tik Tok reaction vid?

  3. Ms Jubaida

    Ms Jubaida6 uur geleden

    Hii zayan malik Shabnam Malik hay nice voice 😊 enjoy song guy's 🥰

  4. ElPsyMob

    ElPsyMob6 uur geleden

    Me using NLpush to listen this song in background. WoW

  5. Katherine Quezada

    Katherine Quezada6 uur geleden

    My song

  6. Hope XETRY

    Hope XETRY6 uur geleden

    Let's make this comment my highest liked comment!

  7. Katherine Quezada

    Katherine Quezada6 uur geleden

    *Something told me it was you*

  8. Sinaso Mxakaza

    Sinaso Mxakaza6 uur geleden

    Zayn is simply the best!

  9. cutisize person

    cutisize person6 uur geleden

    when sia singzayn song better than him....

  10. Fernanda Daniela

    Fernanda Daniela6 uur geleden

    Te amo wawita

  11. Yasmin Fernandes

    Yasmin Fernandes6 uur geleden

    Khai's parents 🤍

  12. Milagros Cabrera

    Milagros Cabrera7 uur geleden

    waiting for to begin again mv and i'm crying now

  13. luciana x

    luciana x7 uur geleden

    mi hrnito es fan de este mv jsjs

  14. Aaron Crack

    Aaron Crack7 uur geleden

    Hi my fried? I love queen King

  15. 94 Monks

    94 Monks7 uur geleden

    I hear😳 Are you feel when i'm in 1D? 😆😆😆

  16. Ricardo Mauricio Zazueta

    Ricardo Mauricio Zazueta7 uur geleden

    Great song great music great vídeo!

  17. Deepest Shabz

    Deepest Shabz7 uur geleden

    Such meaningful lyrics and what a track and voice

  18. Gab Laluan

    Gab Laluan7 uur geleden

    2021? anyone?

  19. Alexis Walker

    Alexis Walker7 uur geleden


  20. Gab Laluan

    Gab Laluan7 uur geleden

    oh to be that girl 🥺✨

  21. Roberto Soliz Jr

    Roberto Soliz Jr8 uur geleden

    let’s goooo

  22. Ryoumen Sukuna

    Ryoumen Sukuna8 uur geleden

    Love you baba Zayn❤️

  23. ThunderBoy YT

    ThunderBoy YT8 uur geleden


  24. Ronit Chaneja

    Ronit Chaneja8 uur geleden

    Zayn forever💕💕

  25. Alyssa Bread

    Alyssa Bread8 uur geleden

    This is came out on my 12 birthday lol

  26. its Awsome

    its Awsome8 uur geleden

    His voice is soo addictive

  27. Belly 69

    Belly 698 uur geleden


  28. Rajeenbba Cp

    Rajeenbba Cp8 uur geleden

    Love you zayn

  29. Pinky Goswami

    Pinky Goswami8 uur geleden

    I love des song

  30. 13 _Husna Maulida Yulia Rahma

    13 _Husna Maulida Yulia Rahma8 uur geleden

    already 1B wow

  31. VNDREW

    VNDREW8 uur geleden

    this is the song I've been playing 10 times per day since day one and I can't get over It......

  32. this is a macdonald’s luv

    this is a macdonald’s luv8 uur geleden

    no one: me: why is the car so tiny

  33. this is a macdonald’s luv

    this is a macdonald’s luv8 uur geleden

    who remembers vas hapnin??

  34. Achila Jamir

    Achila Jamir8 uur geleden

    I'm watching 4 years ago

  35. Sean Mena

    Sean Mena8 uur geleden

    My brothers favorite song R.I.P bro luv you and see you soon and we'll watch over together😭😭❤️

  36. Sinaso Mxakaza

    Sinaso Mxakaza9 uur geleden

    This guy was born to spread a message of peace, love and healing. I feel like he's doing that. His music has so many undertones and just a deep pull that transports you from reality to a calm place 💛

  37. Alejandro Páez Durán

    Alejandro Páez Durán9 uur geleden


  38. Kim Rivera

    Kim Rivera9 uur geleden


  39. T. C.

    T. C.9 uur geleden

    Here again because Liam recently said on tiktok that zayn hasn't kept in contact with them IN YEARS. My heart is broken 😭💔

  40. Татьяна Сафонова

    Татьяна Сафонова9 uur geleden

    Мелодия просто космос!

  41. Eryka Ludmyla

    Eryka Ludmyla9 uur geleden

    amo essa musica

  42. Diana Rojas

    Diana Rojas9 uur geleden


  43. Gaurav༒

    Gaurav༒9 uur geleden

    *1.6 billion completed*

  44. Muhammad Cher

    Muhammad Cher9 uur geleden

    Still obsessed with this masterpiece

  45. Glenda Sanchez

    Glenda Sanchez10 uur geleden

    I'm still counting the years for this video

  46. safwa yosry

    safwa yosry10 uur geleden

    رغم مرور 3 سنين ع صدورها هتفضل اغنيتي المفضله للأبد...

  47. Zero Two

    Zero Two10 uur geleden

    How ironic is that im listening to this on the day he posted this? Thats crazy


    LUDMILLA DE LIMA NEVES10 uur geleden

    Vem 2 bilhões🖤🖤🇧🇷


    LUDMILLA DE LIMA NEVES10 uur geleden

    1 bilhãoooooooooo🖤🇧🇷

  50. tvtime2122

    tvtime212210 uur geleden

    This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️

  51. Olivia Rose

    Olivia Rose10 uur geleden

    I just listen to this because it was a recommendation but I already know it

  52. Jennz FF

    Jennz FF10 uur geleden


  53. April Mancuyas

    April Mancuyas10 uur geleden

    Me watching this for almost five years and just realize now that the girl kissing zayn is gigi😽

  54. Ruiz Nicolle 10-1

    Ruiz Nicolle 10-111 uur geleden

    por que no veo fans latinos:cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  55. RaNDoM GuY

    RaNDoM GuY11 uur geleden

    Yo zayn rapping he goin at it damn never heard before

  56. Luciana Yosely Maquera Ticona

    Luciana Yosely Maquera Ticona11 uur geleden


  57. Alana Mongroo

    Alana Mongroo11 uur geleden

    Zayn in an mafia movie...... Or is it just me?....

  58. Jacqueline Garcia

    Jacqueline Garcia11 uur geleden

    I never understand exactly the words he truly is saying cause he’s British 😂

  59. Celina Zquad

    Celina Zquad12 uur geleden

    Proud of zayn ❤

  60. Yağmur Çelikkol

    Yağmur Çelikkol12 uur geleden

    Hala dinliyenler buradamii👌🏻

  61. Ig_Lunox_yt

    Ig_Lunox_yt12 uur geleden

    Sharing is caring peoples

  62. nobody here

    nobody here13 uur geleden

    I'm here because of toktok

  63. Horanghae Blue

    Horanghae Blue13 uur geleden

    Hey sleep on your bed, not this song

  64. Ran Gman

    Ran Gman13 uur geleden

    I heard this on my radio first time and I'm listening to it dusk till dawn

  65. chloelp

    chloelp13 uur geleden

    Why does this give me such nostalgia for something I can’t even identify???

  66. Varunavi Ganesh

    Varunavi Ganesh13 uur geleden

    DJ Malik 💛

  67. alternative kaji universe

    alternative kaji universe13 uur geleden

    can someone recommend me songs with a similar vibe? thank you :)

  68. Min yoongi

    Min yoongi13 uur geleden

    It's 2021 and I'm still here

  69. faustina

    faustina13 uur geleden

    my favorite song ever pure art its precious fantastic spectacular totally unique completely outstanding never been done before

  70. Hassan Raza

    Hassan Raza13 uur geleden


  71. Hassan Raza

    Hassan Raza13 uur geleden


  72. Hassan Raza

    Hassan Raza13 uur geleden


  73. Agnes Durand

    Agnes Durand13 uur geleden

    I'll hold you when things go wrong

  74. Hashim Nasser

    Hashim Nasser13 uur geleden

    The beat is a 2pac vibe!!! LOVING IT!!!

  75. hey harry

    hey harry14 uur geleden

    The older I get the more that I see

  76. X1 MAX

    X1 MAX14 uur geleden

    Heart from Zain❤️

  77. hey harry

    hey harry14 uur geleden

    Growing but I'm just growing tired

  78. hey harry

    hey harry14 uur geleden

    Leaving isn't better than trying

  79. hey harry

    hey harry14 uur geleden

    I gotta move on but it hurts to try

  80. hey harry

    hey harry14 uur geleden

    Never got the chance to say ur last goodbye